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HolidayTaxis.com offers airport and holiday transfers in over 11,000 destinations in more than120 countries worldwide. HolidayTaxis.com is an ABTA Partner that has been operating since 2002.

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  • UK Based company
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Private Coach

1 – 100 Seats
2 x Suitcase per person
Air Conditioning

Private coaches are suited to those of you travelling in a large party and the party want to stick together. Room forup to 60 passengers,

Private Minibus

1 – 22 seats
2 x Suitcase per person
Air Conditioning

If you’re on holiday as part of a small party a minibus transfers is a good cjoice to get you to your chosen destination promptly and at a better price generally than several cars. If you’re in a slightly larger party than could be accomadated by a single taxi and you want to arrive together, then thiscould be a suitable transfer vehicle for you.

Private Transfer

1 – 4 seats
2 x Suitcase per person
Air Conditioning

You will be collected by a personal taxi that is solely for you and your party (some taxis can hold up to 5 people) and, therefore, you won’t need to share your taxi with any other travellers. The private taxi option is generally much more expensive but is often much faster and hassle-free.

Shared Shuttle

1 – 100 seats
2 x Suitcase perp person
Air Conditioning

Generally the lowest cost option to get to your holiday accomodation, shared shuttles are generally available only to those looking for transfers from the airport directly to the hotel. You will be travelling with other passengers, so the transfer duration to your hotel will vary from direct transfers as it’s likely the shuttle will have to make other stops before yours. From a variety of vehicles, including minibuses and coaches.

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