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  Reviews and ratings of leading online travel web sites

Leading travel web sites reviewed and rated. How we review and rate travel websites.

Before we recommend and list offers from a third party supplier, we carry out research to help ensure that our visitors safely purchase travel products from secure reputable sources that offer high quality great value deals to our customers and visitors.
Because we want you to return to for your future needs we are highly selective regarding the suppliers that we develop relationships with.

The information that we publish about each travel product supplier on our site is a summary of our research into our recommended partners and is based on our findings in the following areas:

  • Contact information
    • Physical address displayed
    • Telephone contacts available
    • Other contact options
    • Hours of service/opening times displayed
  • Enquiry response time
    • Response time to sales query
    • Response to support query
  • Previous customer experience
    • Internet reviews left by previous customers
  • Value for money
    • Price comparison with competitor sites
  • Security and privacy policies
    • Adequate privacy statement
    • Secure transactions
  • Payments
    • Range of payment options
    • Currency options
    • Secure credit card payments
  • Product range and quality
  • Web site
    • Ease of use
    • Ordering process
    • Design and layout
image of reviewed trader Customer experience
customer service rating
Site rating and security
site rating and security
Product quality and prices
product quality and value for money Overall Rating : 8/10
      ABOUT OUR REVIEW'S reviews are only intended as a guide to our visitors. We do not guarantee the accuracy of this information and will not be held accountable for ommissions or errors.
Our reviews are summaries of the independant research that we carry out on all of our recommended travel providers and are only intented to assist you in the selection process for your travel requirements.
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