Book hotels without a credit card
Can I make a hotel reservation without a credit card?

How can I book a hotel room without using a credit card?

If you don't have a credit card and need to make a hotel reservation, there are a number of other possibilities and options shown below that may be worth exploring


Some hotel booking sites accept Paypal as a payment method to book hotels. Alternatively contact your desired hotel directly and check if they will accept a Paypal payment in advance for your desired room. Some hotels may offer this option for your business. as Paypal has become so much more popular in recent years.

Paypal to book hotels and Paypal and Paypal

Bank Transfer

Some hotels may accept a bank transfer to book rooms with them. You will have to contact the hotel directly by telephone or email and ask them if they can accept a bank transfer payment in advance. If they agree you will need their account details as well as the amount to transfer to their bank.

Prepaid Visa or Mastercard

There are a number of variations of prepaid Visa or Mastercard that you could use to book hotels. These are a form of "top up" cards and you can put the amount of cash on the card needed to book your room. Many hotels accept these types of cards as a form of payment.

Debit Card

If you have a debit card and the debit card has a Visa or Master card logo on it - this can be used for bookings, as long as you have sufficient funds in the account it is tied to.  If you have sufficient funds, this card can also be used for reservations.